Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Avatar Movie Being Trends in twiter

Avatar successfully mastered online ticket sales. Film with 3D technology (three dimensional) has become the hunted Moviegoers on the Internet.

Although many are saying this movie is not the biggest or the special the most devastating effect, but the Avatar proved to be one movie to look forward in 2009.

This film managed to dominate the online ticket sales, guarded by two American companies, Movieticket and Fandango.

Movietickets own record ticket sales of 70% dominated sci-fi film directed by James Cameron - who had lobbed the movie Titanic. While Fandango instead reported sales percentage reaches 87%.

From the statistical data pre-orders Avatar noted, is the highest ticket sales for the 3D version or the 3D IMAX screening by 75% -89%. most of the buyers came from among men.

In addition to rule the online ticket sales in America, this film was also discussed by the user busy microbloging site Twitter. When judging trending topics on Twitter list, this movie is in order to reap the 6th and many positive comments from the Tweetizen.

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