Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Simplicity, Special Computer Geezer

Many of the older people aged 60 years and over who still have a passion for learning, including known and operate the computer and explore the virtual world. But sometimes, a computer that is currently considered too difficult for them.

Based on data from the British government, there are at least six million people over the age of 65 years who had never touched a computer. Therefore the government in collaboration with Wessex Computers issued a special desktop computer device called seniors, Simplicity.

Computer equipment has been designed to facilitate parents to operate it. In the computer there are also 17 video tutorials to guide the use Simplicity. Thus the BBC is reported on Wednesday (11/11/2009).

At first appearance on the screen called Simplicity? Square One? there are six choices, Like a shortcut, to e-mail, browsing the Internet, documents, chat, video tutorials, and user profiles. Users can simply click the option boxes are provided to perform the desired activity. This computer itself, using the Linux operating system.

According to Andrew Harrop, Head of Public Policy for Charity Age Concern and Help the Aged, UK, efforts to encourage the elderly to go online is a proud thing.

"Parents who have retired to spend potentially hundreds of pounds of his savings just for shopping, if they can do online activities will at least reduce their shopping habits, and this is a biased social benefits obtained," he said.

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