Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MSN design will be changed

News aggregator sites owned by Microsoft, MSN will soon be changed appearance. This change is the first time in 10 years.

Later, visitors will soon see a big change, where the links in one page will be simplified. However, MSN still maintain their unique characteristics of a blue background with simple white pages.

"The new design aims to capture the appreciation and feedback from people who have been the visitors MSN," said Erik Jorgenson, Vice President of Microsoft for MSN, told through PC World, Wednesday (4/11/2009).

"Customers said they wanted a site that is easy to use. What they see is too much for 'chaos'," he explained.

Users also say they sometimes have trouble finding what they seek, they are not satisfied with the results before the launch of Bing, and they said the MSN site has the look and feel old.

Microsoft says the launch of the new designs coming soon MSN will be the fastest around next year. This site is now only divided into several parts and can see a preview of it. Many of them provide feedback about the new look that may be relevant to a specific user.

For example, a box at the bottom right corner of the home page includes three tabs of the Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook tab shows a list of friends, recent changes to Facebook, and Facebook allows users to update the status of page MSN.

A box in the bottom left corner of the page displays the local weather, news and events. Also, another new feature, MSN will add a link to MSN for local editions. New MSN will also feature weather information and more detailed local map where users can view traffic data.

MSN is also still offering MyMSN, a feature that makes the page can be adjusted. However, Microsoft acknowledged that not many people who use it. "Most users are not willing to put the time in changing personalization," said Jorgenson.

The rate of growth as a competitor Yahoo MSN can be said is still the hope. From the latest data, as many as 100 million people in the United States to visit MSN each month.

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