Thursday, November 19, 2009

Intel Develops Chip for Super 8 Core Computer

Intel claims to have developed a chip-generation Nehalem-EX for use in the latest supercomputer machines.

Intel's latest chip is a new family of microprocessors and optimized for use in supercomputer technology.

The chip is equipped with six cores that can work with clock-speed higher than the eight-core version of the chip. A chip has approximately 256 CPU performance. New Nehalem chip will be available next year.

Written by the same site, Intel is also rumored to have long term cooperation with NEC to develop a new supercomputer technologies. The two companies even agreed to eliminate the limitations in the performance of supercomputers by increasing the memory speed and skalabilitasnya.

NEC is also working to enhance cooperation with Intel, to develop the Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX), an extension of the x86 architecture.

Vector processor design has the ability to process a variety of tasks simultaneously. Latest Xeon chip has a strong processing scale, in the sense that they can perform the jobs at the same time.

AVX Intel will also be introduced in 2011. (MaximumPC)

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