Sunday, October 25, 2009

X-Ray Scanner Reaping Protest

Manchester Airport was asked to reconsider their plan to use X-ray machine that serves as the latest scanner.

Commission on child protection in the UK (British Children's Advocate Action on Rights for Children / ARCH) considers the use of such scanners would potentially pornographic images or videos, especially with the object of children.

These scanners are sophisticated enough to be able to check what is hidden behind the clothes of passengers planes without having to open it. This technology is very different from the scanner used for this. This invisibility technology enables airport officials to see any small object hidden passengers.

Unfortunately, this invisibility technology really expose the scanned object. Even the airport security staff can enjoy the sight of this naked in private, so a vital tool of the object though. If there is evil staff, they could have made the pieces of the picture to be pornographic images or video and publish it for personal gain.

Responding to this, the airport will seek rules admitted to the little kids have a chance to escape from the scanning and only allows people under the age of 18 years.

Unfortunately these issues enough to make producers wary scanner, RapiScan.Whereas before they were quite sure that the device can be USD160.000 for continued use by parties who need it. A few weeks ago, sold RapiScan approximately 30 scanners to England, and has been ordered by more than 1,000 security companies in America.

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