Monday, October 19, 2009

Snackbot, delivery food Robot

In the middle of feeling hungry, there are times when we are lazy move to take food. Inspired by this, the experts robots at Carnegie Mellon University to create a robot named Snackbot.

Its designers describe as Snackbot automatic mobile robot whose job brought food when we're hungry.

"Snackbot a mobile robot with a size small enough. He moved with the wheels on the bottom of his body and bring snacks for college students, faculty and the entire workers at Carnegie Mellon University," said one designer, as quoted from Live Science, Monday ( 19/10/2009).

"We try to create Snackbot with combined capacity multi-sensor and algorithms for perception, dynamic moves and communicate with people through the mechanism of verbal and non-verbal," he added.

The research enables robot can navigate in a crowded area, have the ability to socialize and to detect people who are closest with him. (okezone)

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