Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nvidia Threat Will Boycott Intel

Two big names in the event the computer chipsets, Nvidia and Intel are now being hostile. Nvidia even threatened to stop developing chipsets for Intel CPU-CPU license until they complete the problem in court.

In its official statement, Nvidia said that Intel has made a claim that is not true to the customers and markets. Nvia, so call the sales staff of Intel, not having a license to a new DMI bus. This statement is considered unjust by Nvidia.

Interestingly, Nvidia did not immediately switch to AMD's. Drew Henry (Nvidia's senior director of platform products) said that the company also stopped the development of its AMD chipset. The market is no longer economically profitable, he said.

It may be that Nvidia is not interested anymore to play in the chipset market. It's been proposed by Michael Jong (Senior Director of Corporate Marketing, Nvidia APAC) early last year.

Currently, the only thing holding Nvidia chipset market is its promise to support the CPU from VIA Technologies to platform his Ion 2. Nvidia will also continue roadmap for the chipset that supports FSB based CPU or GeForce 9400M and Ion 2. (kompas)

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