Thursday, October 22, 2009

Effective Ways Reduce Phone Radiation Hazards

Although cell phone radiation effects on some diseases such as brain tumors is still questionable, but researchers remain concerned about the effects of accumulated radiation. What are the steps that can be done to reduce radiation?

In the website The Food and Drug Administration's stated that evidence of a link between your phone and health issues are not yet available, but the FDA confirmed that the phone took a low-level radiation and energy radio frequency (RF) no heat will not damage DNA.

However, RF energy is cumulative and can be dangerous if excessive. Moreover, it's been a lot of children who have mobile phones and the risk of radiation. If as a child was exposed to radiation, possibly during adult will experience health problems.

Previously, the organization The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has conducted a study in 2007 and reported that an increase in the number of hyperactive children by 80 percent in children who as a child using the phone or in the womb when his mother often called by phone.

Risk of other diseases that may arise in the predicted period of 10 years with the intensity of use is often gliomas or brain tumors (60 percent), salivary gland tumors (50 percent), migraine and vertigo (10-20 percent).

In 2008, the European Parliament had made a resolution to develop a mobile phone radiation is smaller but the rule has yet to be applied. For that, the only step is to reduce radiation by as much as possible to keep her organs.

"We recommend using speakers rather than close the phone to his ear. The distance of the brain and ears are close to making rapid radiation into the brain. Using the speaker could keep radiation distances up to 15 inches and reduces the RF to the brain to 1/225th," said Dr. Andrew Weil as reported by Huffington Post, Monday (12/10/2009).

In addition, Andrew also recommends that:

1. Using public phones (usually) if you want to talk long enough
2. If it is not possible using the speakers, use a headset to keep the radiation from the body
3. Do not put phone in one bed while asleep
4. Find out how much RF the phone by using the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR. In America, the SAR is allowed is 1.6 watts per kilogram and each phone has a SAR is different.
5. Each phone company provides the information label on the cell phone radiation emissions so that consumers can better anticipate the dangers.

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