Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apophis Asteroid 2036 is not hit earth

There is one good news and bad news for our Earth. Collision between the asteroid Apophis and Earth are estimated to occur in 2036 will apparently not happen. However, the new impact of the same asteroid on Earth 2068 lurking ahead.

Asteroid researchers from the University of Hawaii Dr. David Tholen had predicted, the possibility of collisions between asteroid Apophis with the Earth in 2036 has decreased from the previous 1:45.000 to 1:250.000. But the bad news, Apophis has a new potential to threaten Earth in 2068.

Latest estimates obtained based on the results of extensive and thorough obervasi done Tholen and his team at Mauna Kea Observatory.

Another research team member, Dr. Steve Chesley of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California set the position of Apophis comes from the observation.

"Our new orbital solution indicates that Apophis will move away from the surface of the Earth at 20,270 miles so far in 2036," Tholen said as quoted by the Times of India, Thursday (8/10/2009).

Apophis was discovered in 2004 by Tholen and his colleagues from the University of Arizona. Asteroid is a much talked about since the scientists say that the possibility of such an asteroid could cause massive collisions with the Earth. (okezone)

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Next to computer and Internet...astronomy is my next interest..I have always been interested in reading articles about our universe and solar system..anyways, back to the article, it's good to hear that the probability of getting hit by this asteroid have decreased..I just hope that no future threats like this will happen.

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