Saturday, September 26, 2009

Store Ovi Nokia sued in Brazil

Motorola's application store, Ovi, sued a telecommunications company in Brazil. Because the name Ovi has long used the company.

Polemics about the use of the name originated when the telecommunications company named Ouvi Divulgacao think the name is used as the name Ovi online application store has diserobot Nokia mobile phone vendor based in Finland that. And Ouvi name since 2004 has used the company.

Nokia center did not want to comment on this case, but they believe that the name Ovi that have been used since the year 2007 different meaning in Finnish. Although the actual Ouvi party believes, if the spoken word and Ovi Ouvi same.

"It seems that Nokia does not realize that 190 million people of Portuguese-speaking Brazil, and not the language Finnis (Finnish language)," said Tore Haugland, Chief Executive Ouvi.

Moreover, Tore also reinforce the fact that perusahaanya has registered the domain with the name Moreover said Ouvi and Ovi in the same pronunciation in Portuguese.

"We are confident that Brazil will win the court we are, and we look forward to Nokia's Ovi brand will cease to use and mention of this brand in Brazil," added Haugland.

Nokia itself still argue if the name Ovi that used in Brazil was first listed on the patent office before the telecommunications company's register. However, Nokia has a weakness, because the name is not registered in the Office of Patent and Trademarks in Brazil.

"We have brand names that have first been registered in Brazil. It has a higher legal force," he said.

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