Tuesday, September 29, 2009

IBM's Blue Gene Get 'Medal of Technology & Innovation' from Obama

President Barack Obama and ranks grant IBM Blue Gene super computer with his National Medal of Technology & Innovation. This is the highest award in the United States to the innovators on the success of technological advance.

Scheduled, Obama himself will hand over the award at a special ceremony at the White House on October 7, 2009. IBM, which previously has received seven National Medal of Technology & Innovation, is the only company to receive the award this year.

Speed Gene Blue and capabilities claimed allows such organizations and science to address complex issues and make more informed decisions. Not only in science but also in the field of astronomy, climate, simulation, modeling and many other fields.

Blue Gene is said can help map the human genome, medical therapy to help research, protect nuclear weapons, simulating radioactive decay, replicating the brain power, flying the plane, find a treatment to overcome tumor disease, predict climate trends, and identifying fossil fuels - all this is done with cost and time smaller than if these jobs are physically performed.

Currently, 18 of the 20 super computers of the most energy-efficient computing technologies are built on IBM high performance, according to the list of Supercomputing 'Green500 List' announced by the latest in July 2009.

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